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Welcome to Paranormal in Pennsylvania, where we discuss history and hauntings. In each episode we answer the question, "Are we brave enough to visit these places of paranormal phenomena?” Follow us on instagram for updates and pictures of our adventures at @paranormalinpennsylvania 

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National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA: Wings of the Paranormal

Take flight with us on a chilling journey into the heart of the National Aviary, where the world of birds collides with the supernatural. In this eerie episode of PiP, we unveil the haunting secrets that flutter in the air, as the aviary stands on the historic grounds of the former Western Penitentiary, a place where echoes of the past linger in the form of Confederate soldiers' restless spirits.

Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, PA: Haunted Mysteries of the Anatomical Oddities

Step into the eerie corridors of the Mutter Museum, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and the boundaries between the living and the peculiar become tantalizingly blurred. Home to a collection of peculiar anatomical specimens that have fascinated and bewildered visitors for generations, the Mutter Museum's walls are sure to hold many stories. From skulls that chatter their teeth in a ghostly symphony to cabinets that defy the laws of physics by opening on their own, the museum's spectral energy is undeniable.

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania - Savannah, Georgia: Spirits Among the Spanish Moss ft Dairyland Frights

Step into the enchanting, yet eerily haunted, cobblestone streets of Savannah, Georgia, as our latest episode delves into the spectral secrets that make this city one of the most haunted in America. From the chilling tales of the Mercer-Williams House to the unsettling history beneath Forsyth Park, Savannah's paranormal tapestry is as rich as its Southern charm. We are joined by podcast extraordinaire, John of Dairyland Frights, who recounts his chilling experience in this haunted city.