Episode Guide

Season One

Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, PA: Tales of Ghostly Grandeur

Join Erica and Sara as they discuss the history and hauntings of Erica's hometown, Bethlehem PA. This episode focuses on Hotel Bethlehem and its many ghosts.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA: The Haunting Legacy of Incarcerated Souls

Join Sara and Erica as they discuss Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the most famous prisons in the United States.

Red Rose Inn in Penn Township, PA: Whispers from the Basement

Today's episode takes us to Sara's hometown and a haunted Inn that recently was renovated into a museum!

University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA: Phantom Pitt Panthers

Join us as we discuss the ghosts that haunt our alma mater!

Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg, PA: The Ghostly Baker

Join Sara and Erica as they discuss a haunted home that was battlefront at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania: New Orleans Casket Girls

Join us for our first episode of Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania. This week we discuss the New Orleans casket girls and the vampire lore.

Brandywine Battlefield in Chadds Ford, PA: Spectral Steeds and Silent Guardians

Join Erica and Sara as they discuss the largest single day engagement of the Revolutionary War and the many ghosts that linger on the battlefield.

Old Allegheny County Jail in Pittsburgh, PA: Scandals and Specters

This week's episode includes scandal, murder and, of course, ghosts! Join us as we discuss the Old Allegheny County Jail's multiple hauntings.

Yule Monsters

This week's podcast discusses Yule monsters across multiple cultures. From stomach slitting to a murderous cat, this podcast has it all!

Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, PA: Handprints to Last a Lifetime, and More!

Join Sara and Erica as they discuss eerie bloody handprints and other hauntings at the Old Jail Museum!

Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Chester County, PA: Hands Off the Airplane!

Join Erica and Sara as they discuss a haunted hospital and forbidden toy airplanes.

Providence Meeting House Cemetery in Fayette County, PA: The Witching Hour

This week's episode discusses everything from hell hounds to witches! Don't miss this spooky story.

Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA: A Haunted Menagerie

Learn about the hauntings at America's first zoo! From music that seems to come from everywhere to ghosts that will strangle you, this Zoo isn't always a family friendly adventure.

Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA: Ghostly Threads of History

Join us as we discuss the hauntings of America's favorite historical flag maker's home!

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania: Kennesaw House, Georgia

Join Sara and David as they discuss this civil war era hospital turned museum that is haunted by decades of ghosts, from bloody hospital scenes to the owner of the house!

Stottsville Inn in Chester County, PA: Chilling Encounters with Ghostly Guests

Join us this week as we discuss an inn from 1858 with many hauntings!

Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA: Frozen Echoes of Previous Lives

Is Night at the Museum real at this Pittsburgh museum? Hear about moving statues and other haunts on this week's episode!

Bucksville House in Bucks County, PA: Sweeping Spirits and Postmortem Maids

This episode features ghosts that walk, talk and even clean! Hear about the maid ghosts and more.

Devil's Den in Gettysburg, PA: Soldier Spirits and The Ghostly Hippie

With ghosts centuries of years old, this site was the location of the one of the bloodiest parts of the Battle of Gettysburg. Hear all about the hauntings from soldiers and even older ghosts!

Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA: Spirits on Tap

Beer and ghosts? Those are two of our favorite things! Hear more about this haunt.

Dixmont State Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA: Soul Sentinels of the Morgue

From a ghost that guards the morgue to spirits causing landslides, this place has no shortage of haunts. Tune in to hear more!

Erie Cemetery in Erie, PA: A Graveyard of Nightmares

A cemetery that dates back to 1851 has everything from vampires to witches! Hear more about these chilling tales in this week's episode.

Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA: A Stage of Spirits

In this theatre, some performers refuse to leave the stage, even after death!

Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA: Haunting Echos of Headless Soldiers

In this Fort, ghosts may follow you home. Learn more about the incredible history and hauntings of this centuries old Fort in this week's episode!

Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh, PA: Boos and Brews

While enjoying beer in a renovated church ghosts from the past may haunt you. Hear about our team's experiences and other hauntings at this place of paranormal phenomena!

Season 1 Recap

Erica, David and Sara recap season 1 and discuss what they're looking forward to in season 2!

Season Two

Osterhout Free Library in Wilkes-Barre, PA: Literary Spirits in Ghostly Stacks

Season two opens with a haunted library where books move on their own! Check out the books and check out the ghosts at Osterhout Free Library!

Pennsylvania Wilds in Northern Pennsylvania: Alien Encounters or Enchanted Forest?

In previous seasons we've discussed ghosts, vampires and witches. In this episode we dive into the Area 51 of Pennsylvania to discuss aliens for the first time!

USS Olympia in Philadelphia, PA: Spectral Seafarers

On this week's episode we discussed our first ship! From haunted boiler rooms to being crushed with a cannon, this vessel is full of ghosts!

Forest Fiends ft. Twice the Terror

Join us and our friends at Twice the Terror as we discuss Forest Fiends that roam the Pennsylvania forest. Find out about petty cryptids and which cryptid Spongebob would be on this exciting episode!

Blue Mist Road in Gibsonia, PA: Ghostly Mechanical Curses

A haunted road that has everything from phantom dogs to shadow figures. When the blue mist settles on this road, you better run.

Coulterville Cemetery in White Oak, PA: A Hotbed of Ghostly Activity

Currently a cemetery and previously an orphanage that burnt down, this place has tons of paranormal activity. From ghostly handprints to phantom fire, I wouldn't want to be here after dark!

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania: Massachusetts' Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother forty whacks. But after the whacks, what ghosts remain? Find out on this special episode of Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania!

McConnells Mill State Park in Portersville, PA: Ghosts That Hike and Honk

This state park doesn't only have great trails! When the sun goes down, ghosts roam the park. With names like Breakneck Bridge, how could this park not be haunted?

Nemacolin Castle In Brownsville, PA: A Haunted Nursery and Hair Pulling

This castle dates back to the 1700s . . . and so does its haunting! Tune in to hear Sara and Erica experience paranormal activity in the nursery and other happenings!

Harmony Inn in Harmony, PA: Tales of Dimes, Toy Soldiers, and Otherworldly Guests

The Harmonists came to PA and gave the town its name, but what did they bring with them? Dive into the world of Harmony, where the spirits of the past come alive at the haunted inn, while mischievous fairies enchant visitors at the local ice cream parlor.

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania: Hawaii's Big Island

In the words of one of the locals, "the whole island is haunted." Hear about our adventures on this beautiful island and the many ghosts that were there with us!

Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh PA: Beware the Bookshelf Poltergeists!

Uncover the otherworldly tales of Carnegie Library! Dive into the spine-chilling mysteries that surround the library, an architectural gem nestled in the heart of Oakland in Pittsburgh. Venture into the depths beneath the library's corridors, where the chilling presence of spectral beings intensifies, and explore the stacks where the ghost of The Judge leaves ghostly writing on the ceiling. Hear about these ghosts and more on this week's episode!

Smurl Haunting in Pittston, PA ft No_ShelfControl

In this episode we partner with our friend Olivia at no_shelfcontrol to discuss the Smurl Haunting. Through the lens of a book written by the main participants, we unravel the harrowing tale of the Smurl family, whose lives were shattered by a relentless demonic presence. Join us as we delve into the haunting investigation led by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Witness the unyielding terror that followed the Smurl family wherever they went, defying all reason and challenging the boundaries of the supernatural.

LeMoyne House and Crematory in Washington, PA: Phantom Smoke and Stains

In this bone-chilling episode, we unlock the dark mysteries of LeMoyne House and Crematory, where the thin veil between the living and the departed is undeniably blurred. Join us as we step into a realm haunted by the lingering spirits of the LeMoyne family, their ethereal presence felt throughout the creaking halls. Witnesses have reported spine-chilling encounters with a mysterious woman in a blue dress, her ghostly figure, and many others, casting an eerie aura over the premises.

Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia, PA: Supernatural Spies and Soldiers

Discover the eerie tales of encounters with the supernatural, and explore the unsettling phenomenon of technology's reluctance to function in this spectral hotspot. Prepare for a spine-tingling exploration of Elfreth's Alley, where the ghosts of the past whisper their secrets to those brave enough to listen.

McGillin's Ale House in Philadelphia, PA ft. Horror Hour with the Hannas

On this bone-chilling episode, we step into the dimly lit and historic McGillin's Ale House, a bar steeped in centuries of tales and spirits – both living and spectral. Join us as we venture into the heart of this haunted establishment, where the realms of the living and the dead intertwine.

We have a special treat for you as our friends at Horror Hour with the Hannas recount their eerie paranormal experience in the upstairs bathroom of McGillin's Ale House.

Green Man's Tunnel in South Park, PA: Unveiling Haunting Echoes

In this spine-chilling episode, we take you on a journey through the eerie depths of the infamous Green Man's Tunnel, a haunting stretch along a desolate road. Brace yourself as we delve into the chilling legend of Charlie No Face, the enigmatic specter that is said to roam the dark confines of this haunting passageway.

Special Episode: Would Pennsylvania Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? ft. Twice the Terror and Horror Hour with the Hannas

In this adrenaline-pumping episode, we embark on an apocalyptic journey to explore the haunting question - Would Pennsylvanian residents stand a chance against the relentless hordes of the undead? Join us as we dissect three articles that delve into the strategies and survival tactics that could make all the difference in the fight for humanity's existence. Additionally, you'll from some of our favorite other paranormal podcasts, Twice the Terror and Horror Hour with the Hannas, about what they think! 

Hill-Physick House in Philadelphia, PA: Echoes of the Anatomist

Join us on an extraordinary episode as we venture into the historic Hill-Physick House, where the spirit of the father of modern surgery, and the echoes of his anatomical pursuits, continue to reverberate through the ages. Discover the chilling presence of his ex-wife, whose ethereal essence is said to linger in the enigmatic garden. Prepare to be captivated by tales of restless spirits and the unexplained phenomena that have left caretakers and visitors in awe.

City Tavern in Philadelphia, PA: Hauntings of Historical Figures & Tragic Spirits

Step into the shadows of history as we take you on a haunting expedition through the storied halls of City Tavern. Join us as we raise a glass to the spirits of yesteryear, where the living and the departed converge in an ethereal dance. City Tavern's walls hold the secrets of centuries, with notable historical figures like George Washington having graced its premises. But beyond the tales of the living, the tavern harbors chilling stories of the dead. We'll delve into the tragic tale of the ghostly bride who met a fiery fate on her wedding day and tales of waiters that are still serving guests in the afterlife.

Greene County Almshouse in Waynesburg, PA: Screams from a Sinister Past

The Greene County Almshouse was a grim chapter in the annals of compassion and care. Under the rule of a merciless overseer, the inmates endured unimaginable hardships. Among them, the forlorn spirit of Sarah stands as a tragic reminder of the depths of despair reached within these walls. Her harrowing tale, involving the unspeakable act of placing her baby in an oven, continues to send shivers down the spine of those who dare to listen.

The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos in Swiftwater, PA: The Monkey's Lament

Prepare to be captivated by the stories of spectral monkeys, whose ghostly presence has left an indelible mark on this quaint store. The former owner's haunting research on monkeys in the basement adds to the enigmatic aura surrounding the shop. The cages, remnants of that mysterious research, stand as haunting reminders of the past and the secrets they hold. We'll delve deep into the chilling accounts of employees and visitors who have encountered inexplicable sensations and witnessed eerie apparitions. From ghostly whispers to unexplained movements, the Poconos Candle Shoppe holds more than just scented candles.

Shawnee Inn in Smithfield Township, PA: A Spectral Stay at the Inn

The Shawnee Inn stands as a testament to time, its walls concealing secrets that stretch beyond the mortal realm. Guests have reported witnessing ghost orbs, fleeting shadow figures, and inexplicable cold spots that raise goosebumps and ignite curiosity about the paranormal. One particular ghostly entity, a tormented female spirit, is said to be bound to the women's bathroom, her haunting screams echoing through the walls. We'll delve into her story, among many others, on this week's episode. 

The Carver House Haunted Film Set in Rochester, PA ft. Siktastik Films

In this episode Siktastik films covers their new film, The Carver House, premiering on October 18th. The horror movie wasn't the only spooky part of filming! From hearing strange noises to cast members almost falling down the stairs, something was with them on set. Hear about the other haunting experiences that the director and executive producer had while filming this incredible film. Follow them on Instagram, check out the trailer, and stay tuned for the full length film!

Christ Church Burial Grounds in Philadelphia, PA: Ghostly Shenanigans Beyond the Gravestones

Prepare to be amused and bewildered as we uncover the mischievous antics of Benjamin Franklin's ghost. Known for his trickster behavior, this spectral presence delights in stealing change, playfully throwing pennies at unsuspecting visitors, and even engaging in cheeky encounters by pinching butts. What other ghosts haunt this cemetery? 

Paranormal in Pennsylvania Season Two Recap

It's officially been two seasons of history and hauntings! Join all three hosts as they discuss their favorite locations of season two and what they're looking forward to for season three. If you've just started listening, this is a great way to catch up! Stay Spooky!

Season Three - Current

Goblins in Pennsylvania: Easton's Monk-Goblin & The Scarecrow's Secret

In this episode we dive deep into the mysterious and enchanting tales of two intriguing goblins. First, we explore the extraordinary story of the Easton Goblin. Uncover the secrets behind this monk's curious transition into a goblin, as we delve into the legends, folklore, and the eerie events that surround this peculiar Easton resident. But that's not all – our goblin adventure takes an even more twisted turn as we unravel the tale of the Goblin Scarecrow. Imagine the rustic fields of a quiet countryside, where a seemingly harmless scarecrow holds a chilling secret. Tune in to this captivating episode and prepare to be spellbound! 

Halloween Special ft. The Sharpe Side of Paranormal: Interview with a Paranormal Investigator

Get ready for an eye-opening interview in this episode, where we sit down with the esteemed paranormal investigator, The Sharpe Side of the Paranormal! Join us as we dive deep into the world of the paranormal, exploring his favorite tools of the trade, his most cherished investigation locations, and the impact his family has had on his paranormal journey. Don't miss this interview with this paranormal triple threat: investigator, photographer, and writer! 

Skytop Lodge in Skytop, PA: Poltergeist Patrons in the Poconos 

Venture into the heart of the enchanting Skytop Lodge, where the guests don't always check out. Join us for a captivating episode as we explore the spectral secrets that weave through the hallways of this iconic lodge and the nearby haunted falls. The stories that linger at the Skytop Lodge are like whispers from history itself. A World War II veteran, eternally bound to this place, carries the weight of his experiences beyond the realms of time. A mischievous little boy's laughter echoes through the corridors, a poignant reminder of youthful innocence lost. A couple, deeply in love with this idyllic setting, still seems to relive their cherished vacations here in the afterlife. Hear about these haunts and many more on this week's episode! 

Temple University in Philadelphia, PA: Phantom Founders and Spectral Scholars

Join us as we embark on a spectral journey through the hallowed halls of Temple University, where wisdom meets the otherworldly. In this mesmerizing episode, we delve into the tales of the university's ghostly inhabitants, including its founder, Russell Conwell, and his ethereal companion who linger across multiple buildings and gardens on campus. As the owl reigns as the university's emblem of knowledge and insight, Temple's grounds hold secrets that go far beyond academia.

Crow Rock in Greene County, PA: Ghostly Sisters of the Stone

Crow Rock stands as a silent witness to a heartbreaking story—the tale of four sisters whose lives were tragically cut short at this very site. Their spirits, along with others, are said to cast an ethereal presence, haunting the very grounds that witnessed their untimely end. Learn about the lingering energy that permeates the air, creating an atmosphere of both sorrow and the unexplained.

National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA: Wings of the Paranormal

Take flight with us on a chilling journey into the heart of the National Aviary, where the world of birds collides with the supernatural. In this eerie episode of PiP, we unveil the haunting secrets that flutter in the air, as the aviary stands on the historic grounds of the former Western Penitentiary, a place where echoes of the past linger in the form of Confederate soldiers' restless spirits.

Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, PA: Haunted Mysteries of the Anatomical Oddities

Step into the eerie corridors of the Mutter Museum, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and the boundaries between the living and the peculiar become tantalizingly blurred. Home to a collection of peculiar anatomical specimens that have fascinated and bewildered visitors for generations, the Mutter Museum's walls are sure to hold many stories. From skulls that chatter their teeth in a ghostly symphony to cabinets that defy the laws of physics by opening on their own, the museum's spectral energy is undeniable.

Paranormal Outside Pennsylvania - Savannah, Georgia: Spirits Among the Spanish Moss ft Dairyland Frights

Step into the enchanting, yet eerily haunted, cobblestone streets of Savannah, Georgia, as our latest episode delves into the spectral secrets that make this city one of the most haunted in America. From the chilling tales of the Mercer-Williams House to the unsettling history beneath Forsyth Park, Savannah's paranormal tapestry is as rich as its Southern charm. We are joined by podcast extraordinaire, John of Dairyland Frights, who recounts his chilling experience in this haunted city.

Pittsburgh Playhouse in Pittsburgh, PA: A Cast of Creepy Characters

Step into the ghostly spotlight as we unravel the hauntings that shroud the Pittsburgh Playhouse, a theater steeped in history. Under the watchful eye of Point Park, the Pittsburgh Playhouse holds secrets that stir the imagination and send shivers down the spine. Meet the restless spirits that linger within its walls, each with their own story to tell. From the ghastly "Gorgeous George" to the mysterious presence of "John John," the apparition of the "Lady in White," and the elusive "Bouncing Red Meanie," the playhouse boasts a cast of otherworldly characters that make the theater a hotspot of paranormal activity.

Fort Necessity in Farmington, PA: Haunted Battlegrounds and Museum Mysteries

In this episode, we step into the echoes of history at Fort Necessity in Farmington, PA, now a national park with a spectral tale to tell. Join us as we unravel the paranormal mysteries that enshroud this battlefield, where the ghosts of fallen soldiers linger, and the scars of the past are etched into the very fabric of the land. Reports of phantom gunshots and the thunderous echo of hoofbeats reverberate across the battlefield, creating an eerie ambiance that transcends time. Witnesses speak of encounters with shadowy figures that roam the historic grounds, and the spirits of soldiers who met their fate here, forever bound to this hallowed site.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA: Spectral Signatories and The Ghosts of Independence Hall

In the heart of historic Philadelphia, the very birthplace of the nation, lies Independence Hall—a site not only teeming with history but also brimming with lingering spirits. Join us in this riveting episode as we unlock the secrets of Independence Hall, where the echoes of the Founding Fathers reverberate through time, and the supernatural weaves its threads into the fabric of the American story. Witnesses speak of encounters with none other than Benjamin Franklin himself casting an ethereal gaze upon the Declaration of Independence. Benedict Arnold, the notorious turncoat of the Revolutionary War, is said to roam aimlessly through the historic chambers. What unresolved business ties this traitorous figure to the very hall that birthed the fight for freedom? Tune in and embrace the ghostly signatures of Independence Hall.

Exton Witch House in Exton, PA: Enchanted Estate or Family Farmhouse?

Step into the story of the Exton Witch House, where a chilling local legend whispers of a family of witches whose mysterious lives have left a mark on this decaying abode. Their lives ended in inexplicable circumstances, and the whispers of the past speak of them being buried in the peculiar and mysterious "witch's way," standing upright as if to defy the very laws of mortality. As time has passed, the house has succumbed to disrepair, but the echoes of its bewitched history refuse to fade away.

Cowboy Creek Lodge in Onstead, MI: A Family Reunion with Ghostly Guests

Get ready to saddle up for a chilling adventure as we check into the eerie Cowboy Creek Inn, a motel that boasts more than just spooky decorations - it's a genuine haunted attraction! Join us on this unforgettable episode as we delve into the realm of ghostly encounters and the unexplained, experienced not only by paranormal enthusiasts but by our very own family members during our recent family reunion.

Witch of Ridley Creek in Media, PA: Haunt the Homestead

Prepare to be spellbound by the chilling tale of the Witch of Ridley Creek, a chapter in Pennsylvania's history shrouded in the supernatural. In this episode, we delve into the echoes of one of the state's rare witch trials, where accusations of witchcraft led to a woman being charged and forced to pay a price for her alleged powers. Nestled within the shadows of this park lies a haunted homestead, a place where the veil between our world and the ethereal seems paper-thin. Caretakers have shared accounts of encountering shadowy figures that move with an otherworldly grace, as if the past itself refuses to rest in peace. Join us as we uncover the secrets of the Witch of Ridley Creek and venture into the depths of the haunted homestead. 

Special Feature: Haunted Fashion in History and Film

Step into the shadows of style as our latest episode unveils the eerie tales woven into the fabric of fashion. Join us for a haunting exploration of the macabre history that lurks behind the seams, from the deadly allure of arsenic green dye to the madness-inducing mercury in the world of mad hatters. Our episode takes a cinematic turn as we venture into the haunted history of the original Wizard of Oz movie and haunted costumes. 

Paranormal Investigator Interview: Behind the Veil with WTCW Paranormal 

In this episode, we sit down with the investigators of the unexplained, WTCW Paranormal! Join us as we peel back the layers of the supernatural, delving into their most hair-raising investigations, favorite tools of the trade, and the eerie encounters that defy the laws of the known. What draws these paranormal sleuths into the shadows, and what keeps them coming back for more? Discover the behind-the-scenes stories of their most chilling cases and the secrets they've uncovered in the pursuit of the paranormal.

Greensted Church in Essex County, UK: Haunts Beyond Borders ft. Let's Get Freaky

Embark on a paranormal odyssey across the pond as we join forces with our friends at Let's Get Freaky for our first international episode, exploring the mystique of the oldest wooden church, Greensted Church in the United Kingdom. Step back in time within the ancient wooden walls of Greensted Church, where history breathes and spirits linger. Join us as we delve into firsthand accounts of chilling encounters within this historic sanctuary, where the veil between the living and the departed is thin.

Thornbury Farms in Chester County, PA: Fields of Spirits and Screams

Legend has it that the Battle of Brandywine was so gruesome, the blood ran as a river—an unsettling precursor to the haunting tales that linger at Thornbury Farms. Step into the past as we explore the site's spectral undercurrents, where the battle's residue refuses to fade, manifesting in the ghostly apparitions of at least eight distinct entities. Are these spirits trapped by the violent history of the battle, or do they linger willingly, guardians of a past too important to forget?

Paoli Battlefield in Malvern, PA: Spectral Shadows of War 

In the moonlit fields of Malvern, Pennsylvania, lies the haunting ground of the Paoli Battlefield—a place forever marked by the chilling events of the Paoli massacre. As we tread the ghostly terrain of Paoli Battlefield, the ghostly figure of General Anthony "Mad" Wayne emerges from the mist. Known for his fiery disposition in life, Wayne's spirit is said to roam the battlefield, forever entwined with the echoes of the massacre he witnessed. Join us as we uncover the tales of his spectral presence, still commanding an otherworldly army. The woods surrounding Paoli Battlefield hold secrets of their own. Witnesses report the fleeting glimpses of shadow figures running in retreat—a haunting reminder of the soldiers who met their tragic end on this very ground.

Black Powder Tavern in Valley Forge, PA: A (Powder) Keg of History and Haunts

Step into the dimly lit corridors of history as we uncover the mysteries within the walls of the Black Powder Tavern in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Beyond its quaint facade lies a tavern with a storied past, acting as both a secret ammunition storage during the Revolutionary War and a meeting place for figures like George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette. Our journey begins with these echoes of history. Join us as we explore the secrets held within these walls, where whispers of strategies and alliances linger in the air. Black Powder Tavern's haunted legacy extends beyond the 18th century, hosting a myriad of ghosts from the 20th century. Paranormal investigations reveal an intriguing twist—every spectral presence seems to embrace the tavern, creating an otherworldly harmony between the past and the present. Discover the stories of these diverse apparitions, each with a unique connection to this historical hotspot.

Chaddsford Winery in Chadds Ford, PA: Uncorking Spirits ft. Horror Hour with the Hannas

Join us for a chilling journey through the vineyards of Chaddsford Winery in Chadds Ford, PA. With a past shrouded in mystery and whispers of bygone eras, this episode uncorks the hidden tales that ferment within the winery's walls. Nestled near the historic Battle of Brandywine, Chaddsford Winery's unknown past beckons. Some speculate it may have once housed a brothel, adding a layer of intrigue to its storied history. Staff members have reported unsettling sensations of being watched, as if unseen eyes follow their every move. But the eerie encounters don't end there—two employees share identical dreams of a spectral little girl frolicking in the winery's front yard. What secrets does she carry, and why does her spirit linger? Join us as we  explore the echoes of the past that linger amidst the grapevines.

The Wizard of South Mountain in Franklin Township, PA: Mystical Remedies in the Mountain

Nestled amidst the verdant slopes of South Mountain, The Wizard was revered for his ability to cure ailments with spells and elixirs passed down through generations. From common maladies to mysterious afflictions, his potions held the promise of healing, drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the land. But beware the price of magic, for legend tells of a curse that loomed over The Wizard should he ever dare to charge for his mystical services. To this day, his spells and potion formulas are treasured secrets, passed down through the ages as a testament to his benevolence and the power of his craft. Join us as we delve into the mystical tapestry of The Wizard's legacy, uncovering the secrets of his spells and the enduring reverence he commands in Franklin County.

Little Round Top in Gettysburg, PA: Macabre Musket Balls 

Amidst the rolling hills and dense forests, the echoes of phantom gunshots and the thundering of horse hooves pierce the stillness, transporting visitors back to the harrowing days of the Civil War. Little Round Top stands as a silent witness to the sacrifices made and the lives lost in the name of valor and freedom. But it is not only the echoes of battle that haunt these sacred grounds. Meet the spectral soldier who wanders among the living, reaching across the veil to interact with those who dare to tread where he once fought. Witnesses report conversations with this ghostly figure, who offers them musket balls as a tangible connection to the past.

Fort Pitt Museum in Pittsburgh, PA: Haunting Histories

Prepare to journey through the centuries as we unravel the spectral tapestry woven into the very stones of Fort Pitt Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In this episode, we peel back the layers of history, from the fort's 1760s origins to the eerie manifestations that persist within the modern construct of the museum. Fort Pitt's grounds have witnessed the ebb and flow of warfare, playing a role in pivotal moments of history. Join us as we explore the residual energy left by soldiers of different nationalities—French, American, British—whose spirits linger, forever bound to the place where they met their fates. The echoes of battles past reverberate through the grounds, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that transcends time.

The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA: Occult at the Opera

From the depths of the last row emerges a shadowy figure, casting an ominous presence over the audience. Witnesses speak of this figure, its silent gaze watching from the shadows, as if waiting for the final act to unfold. But the specters of The Academy of Music are not confined to the darkness. Meet Mary, the former actress whose ethereal presence lingers on the stage she once graced, forever bound to the spotlight. And in the private box, the spirit of a former stage manager takes his eternal post, overseeing the productions from beyond the veil. Join us as we navigate the haunted halls of The Academy of Music, where the echoes of performances past harmonize with the whispers of the paranormal.

Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA: Undead University?

Set amidst a myriad of old homes, Chatham University's campus serves as a living tapestry of history, where the past intertwines with the present in spectral harmony. From shadowy figures that drift through the twilight to disembodied whispers that echo through the night, the university's haunted reputation is as enigmatic as it is undeniable. Meet the spectral inhabitants that call Chatham University home. In one corner of the campus, a small boy beckons newcomers to play ball with him, his laughter echoing through the halls long after the living have departed. Meanwhile, the ghost of a weeping woman roams a building steeped in scandal, her mournful cries a haunting reminder of secrets buried beneath the surface.