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Welcome to Paranormal in Pennsylvania, where we discuss history and hauntings. In each episode we answer the question, "Are we brave enough to visit these places of paranormal phenomena?” Hear our firsthand accounts of these haunted locations and follow us on instagram for updates and pictures of our adventures at @paranormalinpennsylvania 

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Latest Episodes

Fort Pitt Museum in Pittsburgh, PA: Haunting Histories

Prepare to journey through the centuries as we unravel the spectral tapestry woven into the very stones of Fort Pitt Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In this episode, we peel back the layers of history, from the fort's 1760s origins to the eerie manifestations that persist within the modern construct of the museum. Fort Pitt's grounds have witnessed the ebb and flow of warfare, playing a role in pivotal moments of history. Join us as we explore the residual energy left by soldiers of different nationalities—French, American, British—whose spirits linger, forever bound to the place where they met their fates. The echoes of battles past reverberate through the grounds, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that transcends time.

The Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA: Occult at the Opera

From the depths of the last row emerges a shadowy figure, casting an ominous presence over the audience. Witnesses speak of this figure, its silent gaze watching from the shadows, as if waiting for the final act to unfold. But the specters of The Academy of Music are not confined to the darkness. Meet Mary, the former actress whose ethereal presence lingers on the stage she once graced, forever bound to the spotlight. And in the private box, the spirit of a former stage manager takes his eternal post, overseeing the productions from beyond the veil. Join us as we navigate the haunted halls of The Academy of Music, where the echoes of performances past harmonize with the whispers of the paranormal.

Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA: Undead University?

Set amidst a myriad of old homes, Chatham University's campus serves as a living tapestry of history, where the past intertwines with the present in spectral harmony. From shadowy figures that drift through the twilight to disembodied whispers that echo through the night, the university's haunted reputation is as enigmatic as it is undeniable. Meet the spectral inhabitants that call Chatham University home. In one corner of the campus, a small boy beckons newcomers to play ball with him, his laughter echoing through the halls long after the living have departed. Meanwhile, the ghost of a weeping woman roams a building steeped in scandal, her mournful cries a haunting reminder of secrets buried beneath the surface.